Fermentation Nutrients

Industrial biotechnology is the modern use and application of biotechnology for the sustainable processing and production of chemicals, material, fuels and other molecules from renewable sources, using living cells and/or their enzymes. Biotechnological processing uses enzymes and microorganisms to make products in a wide range of industrial sectors including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food & feed, detergents, pulp & paper, textiles, energy, materials and polymers. Moreover, much interest has been generated in industrial biotechnology mainly because of this field is associated with reduced energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and wast generation. Recent developments in synthetic biology have opened the door to an unlimited field of bioproduction of an even broader range of products.

In the process of metabolite production, fermentation nutrients play a key role: they must at the same time provide the elements to sustain the biomass growth, while ensuring the right level of metabolites is being expressed typically towards the end of the fermentation process.

We have developed a range combining yeast extracts, providing the essential nutrients for the biomass growth, and other yeast fractions (whole cells, autolysates) that deliver a broader range of complex nutrients to enhance the production of metabolites.