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Lallemand Health Ingredients Seminar 2020

Feb 4, 2020

Lallemand Health Ingredients 2020 seminar will take place May 7-8 in Tallinn and Salutaguse, Estonia.

Estonia is a beautiful European country with a rich history. It is bordered by Latvia, Russia, the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. Its capital city, Tallinn, is home to Old Town, one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe dating back 5000 years and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yeast production in Salutaguse, a village in Rapla County, was first established in 1927. It is a key manufacturing site, producing inactive yeast for health, savory, biotech and baking applications.

Customers of Lallemand Health Ingredients will be able to join us in Estonia for presentations on a variety of health topics as well as a tour of our yeast production facility in Salutaguse.  The seminar is planned for the week before Vitafoods Europe, to allow our customers convenience of travel to the region.