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Unique Flavor Intensification: A holistic yeast extract High-Lyfe 605A

May 16, 2017

Lallemand Bio-Ingredients continues to innovate with High-Lyfe™ 605A, a yeast extract. A more holistic approach considering other yeast components:

  • rich in unique combination of glutathione (GSH), cysteine peptides and other cysteine molecules
  • with a complex meaty taste especially similar to boiled poultry flavor, due to other natural yeast compounds present
  • providing deliciousness, mouthfeel and continuity in taste together with a long lasting elegant aftertaste in a variety of applications.
  • intensified taste perception by increasing the perceived salt, sweet and umami taste
  • well balanced taste, maturation and continuity of the perception of food taste.

Glutathione compounds are γ-glutamyl peptides which can be used to significantly improve the organoleptic qualities of food. GSH was identified as the main active ingredient in increasing continuity, mouthfulness and thickness in umami solution. In the presence of small amounts of umami taste substances such as peptides, 5’ nucleotides and MSG, GSH synergistically reinforces those tastes.
GSH and other cysteine molecules naturally occur in various food products and also found in significant amounts in yeast and yeast extract.