Savory Ingredients


Alternative dairy innovation – Sept. 2022 Edition Lallemand Bio-Ingredients yeast-based specialties for Plant-based, dairy alternatives. Whether you're looking for an enriched nutritional profile, a relishing taste experience, or a recognizable ingredient list, we can partner for your success.
Application guide: Masking undesired notes in dairy-free applications Our yeast natural ingredients and more specifically our Torula yeast-based, are great tools for flavor houses and plant-based dairy alternative developers to modulate the perception of vegetable origin undesired notes. Learn more by our dairy-free application guide!
It’s plant-based and tastes delicious! Have a look at our most recent innovation and let your customers enjoy the tasty solutions provided by our clean label ingredients! They are suitable for Plant-based preparations and recommended for all the mouthwatering Savory applications! Learn more about the latest launches in Savor-Lyfe®, Toravita®, and Bakon® portfolios
Lallemand well-suited solutions for Plant-Based Market The plant-based market is taking root, driven by Millenials' generation and flexitarian habits. We care about the Planet and our willingness is to give to consumers multiple good options to follow their lifestyle and culinary wishes. We are engaged and aspired to support the plant-based development with our well-suited solutions
Technical paper Lallemand Umami Kokumi Several Mintel studies highlight consumers’ interest in eating more natural and less processed diets. This represents an opportunity for brands to remove artificial additives and source natural ingredients. Consumer concerns about artificial ingredients open up opportunities for natural alternatives that are compatible with consumer aspirations for clean label. Learn more about our Umami & Kokumi reach ingredients!
Vitamin D yeast for food fortification On June 30th, 2021 the EFSA expert panel concluded that Vitamin D yeast is safe under the proposed conditions of use in several food categories, while the official publication in the EU Gazette is expected by 2021 end. As vitamin D deficiency has become a major public health problem at a global level, food fortification with a natural source of Vitamin D, such as Vitamin D yeast, represents a reliable way to ensure adequate intake of vitamin D. Lalmin® Vita D is a natural, vegan source of vitamin D2, with proven bioavailability. It is made simply by exposing active baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) to UVB light, then inactivating and drying it, resulting in a product containing elevated levels of vitamin D2. Download the product guide today.