What is a yeast extract?

A yeast extract is a versatile food ingredient derived from the same yeast used for bread baking and beer production. This natural ingredient,similar to herbs and spices, helps to improve the savory profile of food. It can intensify and add depth to flavor, enriching food with umami or donating specific flavor notes.

Thanks to strain selection and the application of simple technologies such as heat treatment, the flavor of yeast extracts can be differentiated. In this way, depending on the particular yeast extract, its flavor can include meaty, roasted, grilled, cheesy and fatty notes, with the overall richness of umami.

Yeast extracts in food

The main use of yeast extracts is in the flavoring characterization of savory products, from meat, to soups, sauces and snacks. With their deep and intense taste, selected yeast extracts can contribute to the salt reduction of prepared meals, without having to accept noticeable sensory impairment.

“Clean label” is a stable trend for the food industry. Consumers are mindful of their food and beverage choices, they request natural, recognizable ingredients and transparency. Natural products, or the extracts of these, are a great opportunity for food manufacturers to increase their value proposition and market share.

With no synthetic, artificial, or animal composition, yeast extracts are natural, well-suited ingredients for use in vegetarian and vegan products.
For plant-based meals, especially “meatless meat” the impact of flavoring is key for the success of a product. Consumers expect the plant-based alternatives to taste like familiar animal protein. Thanks to the high protein content and amino acid composition, the taste of yeast extract is reminiscent of bouillon, but without an animal source. Yeast extracts could help to bridge the gap between plant-based and meat-based meals.

Lallemand Company and facilities

Lallemand, one of the leaders in the production of yeast-based ingredients, with several factories in the US, Canada, Mexico and other parts of world, has recently strengthened its position in the North American market with the acquisition and transformation of a new Canadian production site.

This yeast extract facility in Cornwall, ON, is just 62 miles southwest of Montreal International airport, close to Lallemand’s headquarters and fewer than 400 miles north of New York City. With the US border nearby, it is an ideal North American location for rapid customer response.

Our savory yeast extracts produced in Cornwall are Non-GMO verified. This additional certification allows us to offer to the food industry a recognizable value that meets consumers’ requirements. Our product range is allergen free, Kosher and Halal certified.

The advantages of “next-door” production

With the new location in Cornwall, ON, next to the US border, Lallemand increases its yeast extract capacity and plays a key role in supporting North American market expansion.

Our dedicated sales and R&D teams and proximity guarantee optimal understanding of the market, reactivity and flexibility.

A great advantage of Cornwall is that now more products are available within the NAFTA/USMCA trade agreements.


Lallemand Bio-Ingredients North American production goes beyond yeast extracts.

Yeast, this well-known unicellular organism, has a lot to offer. Learn more about our portfolio and Torula yeast in food applications, by downloading the leaflet “Lallemand, a global leader next to you”

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