Plant Based Nutrition

Plant Based Nutrition


Fortified foods are those that have nutrients added to them that don’t naturally occur in the food. These foods are meant to improve nutrition and add health benefits. Our Engevita® and Lalmin® products are suitable for use in food fortification.


Engevita® range

The Engevita® brand has been enjoyed by consumers since the 1950s. It is a premium, whole food nutritional yeast derived from primary-grown Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Engevita® products are ideal for direct consumption as a natural food supplement, or as a functional ingredient in meal replacers and superfood mixes.
These products are suitable for vegan or vegetarian applications. All products are available as powder or flakes.
Engevita® products are inherently rich in complete protein and fiber, as well as significant amounts of vitamins and minerals.
Thanks to their micronutrients content, and mild and nutty flavor profile, Engevita® natural products can be easily added to different plant-based foods, from beverages to meat alternative patties, to enrich the nutritional profile and help consumers finding healthier and valuable options for their daily diet.
Engevita® can contribute to the achievement of the RDA (recommended daily allowance) for vitamins and minerals*.

*The information has been carefully compiled to the best of our knowledge. Our products are sold subject to the understanding that prospective purchasers will conduct their own evaluations to determine the suitability of the products for their applications. Local food regulations should always be consulted with respect to specific applications and necessary declarations. Legislation may vary from country to country.

Application example

A way to improve nutrition by including Engevita® products:


Ingredients (%)
Water 76.6
Green chilies (diced) 11.0
Flour 6.4
Engevita® * 3.9
Salt 0.9
Jalapeños (diced) 0.5
Tabasco sauce 0.4
Paprika 0.1
Garlic powder 0.1
Cumin (ground) 0.1
Total 100.0%


  • Mix all dry ingredients in add water while stirring. Bring to a boil and let simmer until thick.
  • Add chilies and Tabasco

*Different Engevita® ingredients could be selected to achieve different nutritional and organoleptic profiles.
If choosing Engevita® Vegevita, a 50 g portion of No-Cheese Nacho Dip would contain at least 15% of the EU recommended daily intake of vitamin B12.

Lalmin® Vita D: Vitamin D yeast – approved as Novel Food in Europe

On 15 May 2020, Lallemand Bio-Ingredients submitted a request to the European Commission (EC) in accordance with Article 10 of Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 to authorize an extension of the use of UV-treated baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) as a novel food (NF).  On June 30th the EFSA panel concluded that Vitamin D yeast is safe under the proposed conditions of use, as summarized in the table. Meat and dairy imitate are included in the categories suitable for Vitamin D fortification with Vitamin D yeast. The official approval is expected by end of 2021.

Food category Max. Vit. D2
(µg/100g food)
Dishes, incl. Ready to eat meals (excluding soups and salads) 3,00
Fried or extruded cereal, seed or root-based products 5,00
Soups and salads 5,00
Amphibians, reptiles, snails, insects 10,00
Infant and follow-on formulae 1,20
Other food for infants and children 0,81
Processed cereal-based food for infants and young children 0,81
Ready-to-eat meal for infants and young children 0,81
Processed fruit products 1,50
Bread and similar products 5,00
Breakfast cereals 4,00
Cereals and cereal primary derivatives 3,00
Fine bakery wares 5,00
Pasta, doughs and similar products 5,00
Spices 10,00
Isolated proteins and other protein products 10,00
Maltodextrins and similar 10,00
Miscellaneous agents for food processing 10,00
Cheese 2,00
Dairy dessert and similar 2,00
Fermented milk or cream 1,50
Milk and dairy powders and concentrates (after reconstitution) 2,50
Milk, whey and cream 0,50
Vitamins 10,00
Food for particular diets 5,00
Meat and dairy imitates 2,50
Condiments (including table-top formats) 5,00
Dessert sauces/toppings 10,00
Mixed and other not-listed condiments 10,00
Savoury extracts and sauce ingredients 10,00
Seasonings and extracts 10,00
Algae and prokaryotes organisms 10,00
Fungi, mosses and lichens 10,00
Processed or preserved vegetables and similar 2,00


Lallemand expands categories of use for Lalmin® Vitamin D yeast in Great Britain.

The respective Ministers of Primary Care and Public Health in England, Scotland and Wales have authorised the extended uses petitioned for Lallemand’s Lalmin® Vita D.

The applicable regulations in these territories have now been amended to allow the use of “UV-treated baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)” as a vitamin D source in a total of 26 food categories, effective 15th of May 2023. The novel food ingredient may now be placed on the Great Britain market under the same terms of authorisation that apply in the EU and Northern Ireland markets, as per Regulation (EU) 2017/2470.

The 26 categories include:

Food category

Max. Vit. D2

(µg/100g food)

Yeast-leavened breads and rolls 5.0
Yeast-leavened fine bakery wares 5.0
Food supplements In accordance with regulation 4 of the Nutrition Regulations 2019(b)
Pre-packed fresh or dry yeast for home baking 45 µg for fresh yeast 200 µg for dry yeast
Dishes, including ready-to-eat meals 3.0
Soups and salads 5.0
Fried or extruded cereal, seed or root-based products 5.0
Infant formula and follow-on formula In accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 609/2013
Processed cereal based food In accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 609/2013
Processed fruit products 1.5
Processed vegetables 2.0
Bread and similar products 5.0
Breakfast cereals 4.0
Pasta, doughs and similar 5.0
Other cereal based products 3.0
Spices, seasonings, condiments, sauce ingredients, Dessert sauces/toppings 10.0
Protein products 10.0
Cheese 2.0
Dairy desserts and similar products 2.0
Fermented milk or fermented cream 1.5
Dairy powders and concentrates 25.0
Milk based products, whey and cream 0.5
Meat and dairy analogues 2.5
Total diet replacement for weight control as defined in Regulation (EU) No. 609/2013 5.0
Meal replacement for weight control 5.0
Food for special medical purposes as defined in Regulation (EU) No. 609/2013 In accordance with the particular nutritional requirements of the persons for whom the products are intended


The information given on applications is compiled to the best of our knowledge. Due to many factors affecting the outcome of these applications, all of our products are sold under the condition that buyers will perform their own tests to determine the suitability of our products for their applications. Changing regulations, individual product characteristics, and varying conditions make it necessary to disclaim any liability from reliance on these recipes. Additionally, nothing contained herein should be construed as permission to violate any patents, trademarks, or copyrights.

Selected ingredient
Selected ingredient
Nutritional Yeast

Product List: Nutritional and Brewers Yeast, Gut Health Fractions

Selected ingredient
Vitamin D yeast - Lalmin® Vita D

On June 30th the EFSA panel concluded that Vitamin D yeast is safe under the proposed conditions of use.

The official approval is expected during 2022.

For details, kindly download the available leaflet.