Health Ingredients

Lalmin® Customized Solutions offer ready-to-market combinations of vitamins, minerals and other fractions from whole food cultured yeast. These combinations may be used as-is, or as the base of a custom formulation for natural, vegan and gluten-free dietary supplements.


Lalmin® Beauty

Contains elevated levels of Selenium, Zinc, and B-Complex Vitamins. 500 mg of Lalmin® Beauty provides an essential amount of these bioavailable micronutrients.

Selenium and zinc support strong hair and nails, while zinc also maintains skin health and provides anti-oxidant benefits for anti-ageing and sun protection. B-complex vitamins provide energy and aid in red blood cell formation, for optimal oxygen transport and a resulting healthy glow.

For use in nutricosmetic dietary supplements and functional foods.

Lalmin® Combi

Contains elevated levels of B-Complex Vitamins, Selenium, Zinc, and Chromium. 500 mg of Lalmin® Combi provides significant amounts of these bioavailable micronutrients essential in supporting optimal health.

B-complex vitamins provide energy and help maintain mental performance. Selenium provides antioxidant activity and supports immunity. Zinc also supports immunity, as well as normal vision and healthy bones. Chromium is essential for maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

For natural support of general overall health of children, adults and seniors.

Lalmin® Detox

Contains elevated levels of Selenium, Glutathione, and (1,3)-(1,6) β-D-Glucans. 500 mg of Lalmin® Detox provides significant amounts of these bioavailable nutrients, which protect cells from oxidative stress.

Selenium is essential for immunity. Glutathione has powerful antioxidant activity. Beta-glucans keep the immune system primed for quick defense against pathogens.

For optimizing health with a blend of high-antioxidant and immune-boosting ingredients.

Lalmin® Immune

Contains elevated levels of Selenium, Vitamin D and (1,3)-(1,6) β-D-Glucans. 350 mg of Lalmin® Immune provides notable amounts of these bioavailable nutrients to help the immune system.

Selenium is required for optimal functioning of immune cells. Vitamin D regulates the immune response by modulating inflammatory responses. It also stimulates immune cell and cytokine production. Regular intake of yeast beta-glucans keeps the immune system ready to fight infections.

For natural vitamin-mineral immune support formulations.

Lalmin® Senior

Contains elevated levels of B-Complex Vitamins and Vitamin D. 500 mg of Lalmin® Senior provides significant amounts of these bioavailable nutrients with a positive effect on bone and overall health.

B-complex vitamins help reduce tiredness and fatigue and also support normal psychological function. Vitamin D maintains normal bone and muscle. In the presence of calcium, vitamin D helps to reduce the loss of bone mineral in post-menopausal women.

To provide energy, support mental health, protect bone composition and maintain excellent health while aging.

Lalmin® Vitality/Sport

Contains elevated levels of B-complex Vitamins and Nucleotides. 500 mg of Lalmin® Vitality and Sports provides significant amounts of these bioavailable nutrients.

B-vitamins contribute to energy production, proper functioning of the nervous system, normal vision, good mental performance and also stimulate red blood cell production for adequate oxygen transport. Nucleotides support physical and mental recovery, while boosting the immune system for optimal defense.

For increased energy and endurance, muscle fitness, training performance and recovery.