Who we are

Lallemand Bio-Ingredients, initially formed in 1987, specializes in producing a complete range of natural inactive whole cell yeast, yeast autolysates, and yeast extracts for applications and product developments in the savory, health  (dietary supplements and functional foods), and in fermentation media markets.

The know-how and experience acquired since its beginnings, as well as its high quality and production standards, and technical knowledge, have allowed Lallemand Bio-Ingredients to increase its presence in the food industry by offering ingredient solutions to help improve recipes, provide savory notes and nutritional content as well as in the dietary supplement and functional food markets offering natural and vegetarian nutritional yeasts with vitamins and minerals. The Bio-Ingredients expertise in fermentation gives it access to the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries, meeting their specific needs wordlwide.

We are committed to enable our customers to get the best out  of their products with specific, natural and specialized solutions.