Savory Ingredients

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Lake States®

Primary grown, dried whole cell torula inactive yeast. It is a specialty product range with the unique ability of delivering superb flavor carrier properties in different food applications, with distinctive savory notes and superior texture enhancement.

Lake States® production begun in 1948 in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. For over 50 years the site has been a leader in the development and commercialization of inactive dried torula yeast for the food industry, pharmaceuticals, industrial fermentations, animal feed, and pet food markets. Thanks to Lallemand investments, it is today the largest torula inactive yeast production site in the world.

The Lake States® products can be used to help to reduce the use of additives such as MSG and HVP. They are designed to impart savory notes, enhance texture and nutritional characteristics in foods. They are ideal for a broad range of processing temperatures and preparation techniques, including microwave.

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Lake States® Type B

Primary grown dried whole cell inactive yeast. It is an outstanding flavor carrier, with distinctive savory notes and texture enhancing properties: the original, classic product.

Lake States® Type E

Primary grown dried whole cell inactive Torula yeast, is produced in Estonia and complies with NGP certification .

Plant-based burger

Both yeast extracts and inactive yeast can play a role in creating delicious plant-based burgers.

As an example, Lake States® Type B can act as an off-flavor masking agent, as well as a texturizer for your favorite meat analog. It also contributes to a silkier mouthfeel and meatiness of the flavor. The yeast extract Savor-Lyfe™ BEC  adds beefy roasted notes from an animal-free origin, making the patty more flavorful.

Egg-free Falafels

Lakes States® Type B Torula yeast is an excellent water binder and can help in recipes to substitute eggs. See as an example the egg-less version of these flavorsome falafels! Additionally, its unique flavor profile adds intensity to the spices mix.


Delicious Red Curry

Increase the savoriness of your dish by Lake States® Type B! Adding much flavor to the sauce, this torula yeast enhances the spiciness and umami. The inactive yeast also optimizes the cohesion of the sauce, contributing to its richness by binding fats and preventing syneresis.