Savory Ingredients

Yeast extracts and inactive yeast are ingredients that can help impart beneficial characteristics to your snacks

Add them in your preparation to:

  • Impart umami and overall taste.
  • Increase spiciness perception.
  • Impart smoked notes or other specific flavors such as beef, soy sauce, grilled, cheese, etc.
  • Provide longer lasting flavor perception, while helping with sodium reduction.
  • Enrich the nutritional profile of your preparation with a natural source of protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Ask us to guide you to the most suitable yeast ingredient to use in your snacks. You can contact us using the form or sending an email to:

2023 IFE Recipe Cheese flavored pea puffs

Vegan pea puffs to enjoy a guilt-free meaty experience with our Toravita® 300 that masks typical bitterness of the brown pea. The  yeast extracts Savor-Lyfe® CA provides full body cheesy and savory profile to this flavored snack.

2023 IFE Recipe Salty and tasty pea puffs

Very flavored snack with the perfect combination of Toravita®300, which is an outstanding bitterness masking ingredient, and Whole-Lyfe® 970 A a savory and nutty flavor donator that delivers roasted and meaty profile.

2023 IFE Recipe Vegan Cheese block

Try this tasteful and healthy plant-based aged cheese with creamy and fatty perception. You won’t believe it’s vegan!

Cheese Puffs

Thanks to the rich and intense profile given by yeast extracts, MSG can be avoided, in line with clean label needs.

Jackfruit tacos filling

Yeast extracts like High-Lyfe® 566 A are a very good way to balance existing flavors and reduce the added salt. Try this flavorful filling for a plant-based snack!

Plant-Based Crispy Chik’n Bites

Our Torula yeast-based Toravita® 300 is a natural ingredient and a great tool for flavor houses and plant-based meal developers, to modulate the perception of the undesired bitter notes. Savor-Lyfe® CB is a perfect flavor donator for meat alternative preparations, adding a full-bodied, round chicken taste to the meals.

With a state-of-the art preparation, Savor-Lyfe® CB will enhance the chicken base notes of your crispy bites.

Prawn chips, tasty!

Toravita® 054 is an excellent ingredient to round-up the flavors of your snacks! A natural umami taste provider!

Tasty Barbecue Chips Seasoning

Add a tasty bacon-like meaty and smoky flavor to your snacks and other meals with Bakon®!

PS, it is vegan!

Vegan snack potato croquettes

A perfect combination of two nutritional yeasts, Engevita® Toasted Flakes and Lake States® Type B that donates tasteful end product and grant crispy breadcrumbs to snack coating.