Savory Ingredients

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Lallemand’s savory ingredients are :

Clean label
Suitable for plant based
From natural origin
A source of protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Contact us to select, if needed, products compliant with Gluten-Free, Organic,  Kosher and Halal requirements.


Yeast extracts and autolyzed yeast portfolio, which just like seasonings, helps to improve taste, but also bring out and balance flavors in food products. The organic version is also available, ask us about Bio-Lyfe®!


A selected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and roller drum dried. Engevita® products are characterized by a mild to nutty or toasted savory flavor profile with enhancement properties. Engevita® helps to improve savory profile and texture, providing at the same time nutritional value. Also available as organic range, we name it Bio-Engevita®

Lake States®

Primary grown, dried whole cell torula inactive yeast. It is a specialty product range with the unique ability of delivering superb flavor carrier properties in different food applications, with distinctive savory notes and superior texture enhancement.


Inactive whole cell yeast products are derived from primary grown baker’s, brewer’s and other edible yeast. The range is used in many applications for nutritional value benefits, savory flavor profile contribution as well as for texture optimization properties.


Primary grown, torula-based dried whole cell or autolyzed yeast, produced by a unique process, delivering specific functionality and flavor notes to different food applications.


Primary grown torula inactive yeast with a hickory smoked flavor profile. With a traditional smoking process, the range can contribute mild to strong smoked flavor notes and overall flavor enhancement.

Non-GMO verified products

After a thorough preparation with the objective to support the increasing demand of North American customers, Lallemand successfully obtained in 2016 the Non-GMO Project (NGP) Verification  (