Savory Ingredients

Yeast extracts, autolyzed and inactive yeast are ingredients that can help impart beneficial characteristics to plant-based meat, fish, poultry and cheese applications.

Add them in your preparation to:

  • Impart umami and overall taste.
  • Reinforce notes as beef, meat, chicken, cheese, grilled, smoked.
  • Provide longer-lasting flavor perception, while helping with sodium reduction.
  • Contribute to the texture and rheology of the preparation.
  • Contribute to the color of the preparation (from light yellow to dark roasted notes)
  • Enrich the nutritional profile of your preparation with a natural source of protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Ask us to guide you to the most suitable yeast ingredient to use in the plant-based applications. You can contact us using the form or sending an email to


Bakon® Memphis Style

A traditionally smoked Torula yeast with distinctive and intense hickory wood notes.

It evokes the BBQ cuisine typical of Memphis.

Toravita® 054

An autolyzed yeast from primary grown Torula, naturally rich in nucleotides, glutamic acid and other savory relevant components, it is a perfect ingredient to round-up flavors

“Non dairy” rich ice cream

Engevita® Bland contributes to adding richness to the texture and taste of this vegan ice cream by providing perception of dairy notes, balancing its sweet profile. The inactive yeast also brings appeal by adding a little tint to the ice cream.

“Veganaise” egg-free mayonnaise

Yeast extracts are useful to improve the taste profile of sauces. For example, in this simple preparation, High-Lyfe® 530 A helps to round the flavor with enhancing salt perception and intensity, while reducing excess acidity.

Almond based cheese alternative

Engevita® Bland Flakes and Whole-Lyfe® 985 A  will contribute to the overall dairy and cheesy profile of this vegan alternative to dairy products.

Egg-free Falafels

Lakes States® Type B Torula yeast is an excellent water binder and can help in recipes to substitute eggs. See as an example the egg-less version of these flavorsome falafels! Additionally, its unique flavor profile adds intensity to the spices mix.


Fat-Reduced egg-less mayonnaise

Engevita® Bland powder or alternatively Toravita®  001 can be successfully used in substitution of eggs to produce an egg-free (vegan) and fat-reduced mayonnaise style sauce. The appearance, the texture and the flavor of mayonnaise are optimized thanks to the nutritional yeast ingredient.

Jackfruit tacos filling

Yeast extracts like High-Lyfe® 566 A are a very good way to balance existing flavors and reduce the added salt. Try this flavorful filling for a plant-based snack!

Organic Mac’n’veg-cheese

In this organic recipe Bio-Engevita® provides readily, dependable, natural fiber source and high quality protein, easily assimilated. Furthermore it will provide a delicate nutty and cheesy note to the sauce, while enhancing the mouthfeel releasing creaminess and flavor richness.

Bio-Engevita® Nutritional yeast is available in powder or in flake form. Bio-Engevita® is organic certified and produced in accordance with EU regulation for manufacturing organic yeast (equivalent to USDA NOP as of June 2012)

Pea-based vegan burger

For this meat plant-based application, we worked both with inactive yeast and yeast extract flavor. Toravita® 300 masks the bitter and beany flavor notes of vegetable proteins while adding pleasant umami flavor and balancing the spices in the recipe. Savor-Lyfe® BEC contributes to building the meaty flavor, by its animal-free “beef extract” notes.

Pick ‘n’ mix – your – spreadable vegan cheese

We propose you a selection of Torula yeast specialties to “design at your taste” a mild vegan cheese-analog spread.

Our ingredients can help you in finding the desired, delicious balance for your dairy-free spreadable.

Use them alone or in combination, for the perfect snacking!


Plant-based “Bolognese” style sauce

The combination of yeast extracts and inactive yeast gives just the right taste and juiciness to this plant-based alternative ragout sauce.

In this recipe, Toravita® 000 helps to bind the flavors as well as providing texture enhancement by retaining water syneresis. The torula yeast reveals the flavors of the tomato by supporting with low sodium, natural amino acids. Dark yeast extract Savor-Lyfe® BEC participates in this synergistic effect by bringing a juicy and meaty flavor note to the sauce.

Plant-based Bacon

Taste a rich and mouthwatering plant-based version of smoked bacon! our yeast ingredients can deliver both the meaty taste and the smoky notes!

Plant-based burger

Both yeast extracts and inactive yeast can play a role in creating delicious plant-based burgers.

As an example, Lake States® Type B can act as an off-flavor masking agent, as well as a texturizer for your favorite meat analog. It also contributes to a silkier mouthfeel and meatiness of the flavor. The yeast extract Savor-Lyfe® BEC  adds beefy roasted notes from an animal-free origin, making the patty more flavorful.

Polpettine, plant-based “no meat” balls

For this meat plant-based application, we worked both with inactive yeast and yeast extract flavor. Toravita® 033 aids the texture by creating a strong bonding among ingredients contained in this recipe. This results in helping the forming of the balls and therefore enhancing chewiness and resistance creating better bite satisfaction. Additional to contributing to the colour, Savor-Lyfe® BEC yeast extract plays a role in the color and flavor, giving a meaty feel to this dish.

Savor-Lyfe® SSC tastes like Soy Sauce

Savor-Lyfe® tastes like Beef Extract

Vegan “chicken” nuggets

Lallemand ingredients, such as Lyfe® yeast extracts, contribute to the taste foundation of plant-based meals. Check this meat-free recipe!

Veggy “no meat” loaf

Combine Toravita® and Lyfe® ingredients to characterize your plant-based loaf with meaty and succulent flavors.