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Inactive whole cell yeast products are derived from primary grown baker’s, brewer’s and other edible yeast. The range is used in many applications for nutritional value benefits, savory flavor profile contribution as well as for texture optimization properties.

Lalvita® inactive whole-cell yeast products are derived from primary-grown baker’s, brewer’s yeast, or other edible yeast. They have been inactivated by heat, roller dried, and ground or spray-dried. Some products are blended to obtain specific flavor profiles or enhanced characteristics.

They are used in many applications for their nutritional value benefits, their savory flavor profile contribution as well as their texture optimization properties. They promote texture and help to accentuate mouthfeel while imparting emulsification properties, having a role as a solution in the additive-free formulation. Additionally, they naturally contain a significant amount of proteins, fibers, and B vitamins to improve nutritional benefits in food applications.

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PS: Lalvita® brand has been introduced in February 2021 to replace the previous LBI.

Lalvita® 2190

The combination of this selected inactive yeast with specific process optimization supports the successful substitution of phosphates in emulsified meat products and other types processed meat.



Buffalo chicken wings with Valentina sauce

Add nutritional yeast as a binder for the seasoning and yeast extracts in the sauce to enhance spices and flavors. In a nut-shell create a well balanced, sensational food experience!

Phosphate-free emulsified sausage “Lyoner style”

Our selected yeast-based ingredients, such as Lalvita® 2190 and Toravita® 033 can play a role in the substitution of phosphates in meat products. Check as an example the recipe of this emulsified sausage, “Lyoner style”. It also tastes better!

Enchilada Sauce

The combination of inactive yeast and yeast extracts increases meatiness and rounds up flavors in all your favorite preparations, enchilada included!