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Yeast extracts and autolyzed yeast portfolio, which just like seasonings, helps to improve taste, but also bring out and balance flavors in food products. The organic version is also available, ask us about Bio-LyfeTM!

Yeast extracts and autolyzed yeast portfolio, which just like seasonings, helps to improve taste, but also bring out and balance flavors in food products.

To facilitate customers, we present them in products “families” with distinctive characteristics: High-Lyfe™, Prime-Lyfe™, Intense-Lyfe™, Savor-Lyfe™, Whole-Lyfe™. Cell-Lyfe™ identifies yeast cell walls.

The organic yeast extracts are named Bio-Lyfe™.

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High-Lyfe™ yeast extracts contain a natural source of nucleotides (5’ IMP & GMP) that impart a kokumi and umami sensation in order to bring out taste and round off sharp notes. These products can be used in a wide range of applications, and in combination with other yeast extracts. Additionally, the use of low salt High-Lyfe™ yeast extracts is an effective way to reduce sodium all the while helping to maintain the salt perception.


Bio-Lyfe™ is an organic yeast extract derived from primary grown yeast of the genus Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The result is a light to beige colored powder which is an effective general flavor enhancer. Bio-Lyfe™ is produced in accordance with EU regulations for organic manufacturing. These products can be used to add or enhance flavor in low salt soups, sauces, spice mixes and prepared meals.


Prime-Lyfe™ yeast extracts are light in color and designed to promote mild savory tastes and round off flavor notes in food. The functionality and versatility of these yeast extracts are displayed by their ability to create savory flavor bases, and help bring out meaty notes and vegetable flavors. These products are suitable for use in broths, bouillons, soups, sauces and spice blends – wherever mild savory flavor distinctions are required. They can also be considered for non-savory, creamy applications at low concentrations.


Intense-Lyfe™ yeast extracts provide flavor bases for roasted, meaty profiles and enhance caramelized notes for a stronger savory perception. These products provide a dark color for bouillons, soups and sauce bases and can be used to replace caramel color.


Savory-Lyfe™ yeast extracts promote specific flavors and enhance or complement cooked notes in all types of savory foods. These products are ideal for foods requiring roasted notes enhancement, such as roasted beef or chicken. They can be used in a wide range of applications and in conjunction with other yeast extracts.


Whole-Lyfe™ products are developed from primary and/or whole cell brewer’s yeasts. Autolysates function to improve savory flavor, texture and mouthfeel in food products. These cost effective ingredients benefit savory notes and texture in low sodium meat processing.


Cell-Lyfe™ is made from the cell walls of bakers’ yeast. The result is a light tan powder with neutral flavor. It can be used for its rheological properties: thickness, water binding, emulsification, gelling, creaminess, oil-binding, and water-holding. Thanks to elevated levels of beta-glucans, one gram of Cell-Lyfe™ E binds as much as 4.7 g of water.

Enchilada Sauce

The combination of inactive yeast and yeast extracts increases meatiness and rounds up flavors in all your favorite preparations, enchilada included!

Cheddar Cheese Sauce

Yeast extracts and autolyzed yeast, like natural flavors, can help to develop complex and mouth-watering taste. Check this cheese-based recipe with tasty and balanced notes!

Instant Carbonara Sauce

Make your quick recipes delicious with yeast-based ingredients, such has High-Lyfe™ 566 A to round-up and prolong mouthfeel and Bakon® to enhance smoked and bacony notes.


Cheese Puffs

Thanks to the rich and intense profile given by yeast extracts, MSG can be avoided, in line with clean label needs.

Instant Crème Brulée

Autolyzed yeast Whole-Lyfe™ 985 A helps to increase mouthfeel and creaminess in your favorite preparation. Can’t wait to taste it!

Almond based cheese alternative

Engevita® Bland Flakes and Whole-LyfeTM 933 A  will contribute to the overall dairy and cheesy profile of this vegan alternative to dairy products.

Bechamel Sauce, salt reduced

High-LyfeTM 532 is very effective for salt reduction, allowing a pleasant long-lasting and umami perception!

Black Beans Soup, salt-reduced

Reduce salt and add umami perception for a healthier and tasty soup! With Prime-LyfeTM 171 A and High-LyfeTM 530 A.

“Veganaise” egg-free mayonnaise

Yeast extracts are useful to improve the taste profile of sauces. For example, in this simple preparation, High-Lyfe™ 530 A helps to round the flavor with enhancing salt perception and intensity, while reducing excess acidity.

Plant-based “Bolognese” style sauce

The combination of yeast extracts and inactive yeast gives just the right taste and juiciness to this plant-based alternative ragout sauce.

In this recipe, Toravita™ 000 helps to bind the flavors as well as providing texture enhancement by retaining water syneresis. The torula yeast reveals the flavors of the tomato by supporting with low sodium, natural amino acids. Dark yeast extract Savor-Lyfe BEC participates in this synergistic effect by bringing a juicy and meaty flavor note to the sauce.