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Primary grown, torula-based dried whole cell or autolyzed yeast, produced by a unique process, delivering specific functionality and flavor notes to different food applications.

Primary grown, torula-based dried whole cell or autolyzed yeast, produced by a unique process, delivering specific functionality and flavor notes to different food applications.

Produced at the Lallemand facility in Hutchinson, Minnesota, they are globally available.

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Toravita® 054

An autolyzed yeast from primary grown Torula, naturally rich in nucleotides, glutamic acid and other savory relevant components, it is a perfect ingredient to round-up flavors

Toravita® 000

Basic product.
Clean taste and savory character.
Rich in natural flavor peptides, amino acids and other important flavor constituents, this yeast product is low in sodium and free of sulfites.

Toravita® 001

It has application in a wide variety of food systems where high quality and a uniform mild flavor are required.
It can be used in seasoning mixes as carrier for spices, oleoresins, and smoke flavorings.
Used at 0.3-0.9% in the finished product, it enhances meat flavors and adds savory notes to foods like meat and poultry applications, batters and bakery items, and low and reduced fat systems.

Toravita® 027

It may be used in any food system that requires heightened flavor impact when used at 0.5% on the finished product. Low sodium foods, poultry stuffing and seasoning blends for poultry or pork are typical applications.

Toravita® 029 SD

Toravita® 029 SD is a unique, low sodium, yeast autolysate that adds “salty” flavor without adding substantial sodium. This co-processed combination of potassium chloride and a yeast autolysate is significantly less bitter than potassium chloride alone. It also provides the flavor enhancement characteristics common to all of our autolyzed yeast products.

Toravita® 033

This product is especially suited for emulsion meat products and low-fat meat systems for moisture binding, emulsification, and msg replacement. It also provides brothy, savory flavor notes to food.

Toravita® 052

Low in sodium and rich in natural flavor peptides, amino acids, and other important flavor constituents, it has application in a wide variety of food systems where high quality and a uniform mild flavor are required.

Toravita® 600

This product is a multi-functional food ingredient derived from primary grown inactive Torula yeast. Toravita® 600 is designed to improve the flavor of fat-reduced, pourable salad dressing by reducing the “acid bite” of vinegar. The addition of Toravita® 600 to any salad dressing system produces a smoother, more balanced flavor.

Vegan Yakitori Style & Citrusy Yuzu-Infused broth noodles

This dish embodies the delicate balance of flavors and textures that defines Japanese culinary excellence. The addition of Toravita® 054 in the broth helps to mask the bitter off notes typical of dried citrus. The Toravita® 054 emphasize the ginger, the yuzu and chicken notes. Savor-Lyfe® SSC imparts the distinctive ethnic flavors of soy sauce, without containing the typical allergens found in soy sauce (soy and gluten)

The result is a savory round well balanced full brothy experience.

IFT 2023 – Recipe Vegan Soft Ice Cream

Toravita® 301 is a dependable and animal-free source of protein. As a natural masking agent, it effectively reduces the undesirable off-flavors commonly found in pea protein. A tailor-made yeast ingredient provides the desired content of vitamins and minerals. A product by Revala OÜ.

IFT 2023 – Recipe Cheez Puffs Vegan White Cheddar

We developed  a perfect combination to enjoy a guilt-free cheesy experience in your vegan snack. Toravita® 300 effectively masks the typical bitterness of the brown pea. The result is a pleasantly neutral snack, to be flavored as desired.

Savor-Lyfe® CA adds a pleasant and mature cheese flavor note, though free from ingredients of animal origin.

Sweet & Spicy Gochujang Crispy Chickpeas

Intense sweet & spicy taste for this incredible crunchy, salty and healthy snack, with a well-balanced seasoning mix of exotic spices and the savory soy notes of our Savor-Lyfe® SSC. The addition of Toravita® 054 allows up to 30% salt reduction in final recipe without compromising the salty perception.


We achieved success in creating a soy-based meat substitute by incorporating Savor-Lyfe® BEC for a robust beef-like flavor, along with Toravita® 300 to mask undesirable tastes from the soy base.


Savor-Lyfe® PH 04 adds cooked meaty flavor and Toravita® 301 masks the undesired notes of pea protein.

No doubt you will enjoy these delicious slices of juicy, meaty pea-based ham (to put in your sandwich, omelette or salad).

Spreadable Vegan Cheese

A tasty and cheesy vegan preparation with a combination of Torula based yeast ingredients.

2023 IFE Recipe Vegan Cheese block

Try this tasteful and healthy plant-based aged cheese with creamy and fatty perception. You won’t believe it’s vegan!

2023 IFE Recipe Salty and tasty pea puffs

Very flavored snack with the perfect combination of Toravita®300, which is an outstanding bitterness masking ingredient, and Whole-Lyfe® 970 A a savory and nutty flavor donator that delivers roasted and meaty profile.

2023 IFE Recipe Cheese flavored pea puffs

Vegan pea puffs to enjoy a guilt-free meaty experience with our Toravita® 300 that masks typical bitterness of the brown pea. The  yeast extracts Savor-Lyfe® CA provides full body cheesy and savory profile to this flavored snack.