Savory Ingredients

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Primary grown, torula-based dried whole cell or autolyzed yeast, produced by a unique process, delivering specific functionality and flavor notes to different food applications.

Primary grown, torula-based dried whole cell or autolyzed yeast, produced by a unique process, delivering specific functionality and flavor notes to different food applications.

Produced at the Lallemand facility in Hutchinson, Minnesota, they are globally available.

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Toravita™ 000

Basic product.
Clean taste and savory character.
Rich in natural flavor peptides, amino acids and other important flavor constituents, this yeast product is low in sodium and free of sulfites.

Toravita™ 001

It has application in a wide variety of food systems where high quality and a uniform mild flavor are required.
It can be used in seasoning mixes as carrier for spices, oleoresins, and smoke flavorings.
Used at 0.3-0.9% in the finished product, it enhances meat flavors and adds savory notes to foods like meat and poultry applications, batters and bakery items, and low and reduced fat systems.

Toravita™ 027

It may be used in any food system that requires heightened flavor impact when used at 0.5% on the finished product. Low sodium foods, poultry stuffing and seasoning blends for poultry or pork are typical applications.

Toravita™ 029 SD

Toravita™ 029 SD is a unique, low sodium, yeast autolysate that adds “salty” flavor without adding substantial sodium. This co-processed combination of potassium chloride and a yeast autolysate is significantly less bitter than potassium chloride alone. It also provides the flavor enhancement characteristics common to all of our autolyzed yeast products.

Toravita™ 033

This product is especially suited for emulsion meat products and low-fat meat systems for moisture binding, emulsification, and msg replacement. It also provides brothy, savory flavor notes to food.

Toravita™ 052

Low in sodium and rich in natural flavor peptides, amino acids, and other important flavor constituents, it has application in a wide variety of food systems where high quality and a uniform mild flavor are required.

Toravita™ 600

This product is a multi-functional food ingredient derived from primary grown inactive Torula yeast. Toravita™ 600 is designed to improve the flavor of fat-reduced, pourable salad dressing by reducing the “acid bite” of vinegar. The addition of Toravita™ 600 to any salad dressing system produces a smoother, more balanced flavor.

Plant-based burger, optimized recipe for the industrial “kitchen”

Yeast-based ingredients can play different roles in the plant-based matrix, from masking undesired “green-notes” and flavors to imparting meaty notes to the vegetable matrix.

In this “industrial foot-print” recipe, you can appreciate the use of  Toravita™ and Savor-Lyfe™.

Take advantage of our expertise and contact us for samples, so to taste the difference yourself!


Sodium reduced recipes – with Toravita™ ingredient

Sodium-reduced quick bechamel sauce

ToravitaTM 028 SD and 029 SD offer a solution for sodium-reduced needs, without taste impairment.

The two products combine the Torula yeast umami donation with the use of alternative salts, not containing sodium. The unique production allows masking unwanted notes typical of ammonium or potassium chloride.

Sodium-reduced stir-fried zucchini

Lallemand Bio-Ingredients Toravita™ 054 naturally contains flavoring components able to donate umami taste. Thanks to its flavor-rounding properties, it allows reducing the sodium content in different preparation, without flavor impairment. In this proposal the sodium reduction is close to 70%! Tasty and healthier!

Sodium-reduced baked sweet potatoes

Toravita™ 028 SD combines the benefits of Torula yeast and ammonium chloride, an alternative to kitchen salt. The resulting ingredient, produced with a unique process, helps you in achieving the desired salty perception while using up to 50% of less sodium in the meal preparation. It is easy to go healthier!

Fat-Reduced egg-less mayonnaise

Engevita® Bland powder or alternatively ToravitaTM 001 can be successfully used in substitution of eggs to produce an egg-free (vegan) and fat-reduced mayonnaise style sauce. The appearance, the texture and the flavor of mayonnaise are optimized thanks to the nutritional yeast ingredient.

Phosphate-free emulsified sausage “Lyoner style”

Our selected yeast-based ingredients, such as LBI 2190 and ToravitaTM 033 can play a role in the substitution of phosphates in meat products. Check as an example the recipe of this emulsified sausage, “Lyoner style”. It also tastes better!

Juicy Meatballs

ToravitaTM 030 adds mouthfeel and contributes to a soft, rich and juicy texture, also a potential substitute of fat or meat portions. The spices and herbs in the recipe are enhanced and the yeast contributes to the overall pleasant flavor profile.

Gaspacho, mild and tempting

Sometimes tomato based soups are quite acidic. In this recipe, Toravita™ 600 helps to reduce the acidic bite associated to the vinegar while maintaining the freshness and taste of the garden vegetables. The result is a smoother mouthfeel and pleasant balanced flavor

Plant-based “Bolognese” style sauce

The combination of yeast extracts and inactive yeast gives just the right taste and juiciness to this plant-based alternative ragout sauce.

In this recipe, Toravita™ 000 helps to bind the flavors as well as providing texture enhancement by retaining water syneresis. The torula yeast reveals the flavors of the tomato by supporting with low sodium, natural amino acids. Dark yeast extract Savor-Lyfe BEC participates in this synergistic effect by bringing a juicy and meaty flavor note to the sauce.