Savory Ingredients

Yeast extracts and inactive yeast are ingredients that can help impart beneficial characteristics to your desserts and drinks applications.

Add them in your preparation to:

•Balance sweetness profile.
•Enhance dairy notes.
•Contribute to the texture, adding thickness and mouthfeel.
•Enrich the nutritional profile of your preparation with a natural source of protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Ask us to guide you to the most suitable yeast ingredient to use in your sweet application. Use the contact us form or send an email to

“Non dairy” rich ice cream

Engevita® Bland contributes to adding richness to the texture and taste of this vegan ice cream by providing perception of dairy notes, balancing its sweet profile. The inactive yeast also brings appeal by adding a little tint to the ice cream.


Enhance dairy and creamy perceptions with Engevita® Nutritional yeast!

Hot fudge sauce

Increase chocolate dark notes with Intense-Lyfe® 440 A! Here’s a gourmet sauce to try, gluten free!

IFT 2023 – Recipe Vegan Soft Ice Cream

Toravita® 301 is a dependable and animal-free source of protein. As a natural masking agent, it effectively reduces the undesirable off-flavors commonly found in pea protein. A tailor-made yeast ingredient provides the desired content of vitamins and minerals. A product by Revala OÜ.

Instant Crème Brulée

Autolyzed yeast Whole-Lyfe® 985 A helps to increase mouthfeel and creaminess in your favorite preparation. Can’t wait to taste it!