Savory Ingredients

Yeast extracts and inactive yeast are ingredients that can help impart beneficial characteristics to meat, fish , poultry applications.

Add them in your preparation to:

  • Impart umami
  • Reinforce notes as beef, meat, chicken, grilled, smoked.
  • Provide longer lasting flavor perception, while helping with sodium reduction.
  • Contribute to better emulsification.
  • Add taste intensity and functionality to marinades, batters and breading.
  • Enrich the nutritional profile of your preparation with a natural source of protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Ask us to guide you to the most suitable yeast ingredient to use in your meat, fish and poultry application. You can contact us using the form or sending an email to:


Bakon® Memphis Style

A traditionally smoked Torula yeast with distinctive and intense hickory wood notes.

It evokes the BBQ cuisine typical of Memphis.

Toravita® 054

An autolyzed yeast from primary grown Torula, naturally rich in nucleotides, glutamic acid and other savory relevant components, it is a perfect ingredient to round-up flavors

Buffalo chicken wings with Valentina sauce

Add nutritional yeast as a binder for the seasoning and yeast extracts in the sauce to enhance spices and flavors. In a nut-shell create a well balanced, sensational food experience!

Creton – Rillettes

Add mouthfeel and spicy perceptions in your meat preparations with Engevita® Bland flakes!

Crispy chicken, delicious!

If you are looking for a natural ingredient to round-up the flavors of your preparation, Toravita® 054 is the ingredient for you. It is a natural umami taste provider, try it in this crispy chicken recipe!

Crispy Coated Fried Chicken

Did you know that Engevita® Toasted Flakes can increase the crispiness of your breadcrumb? Try it on your favorite fried chicken!

Juicy Meatballs

Toravita® 030 adds mouthfeel and contributes to a soft, rich and juicy texture, also a potential substitute of fat or meat portions. The spices and herbs in the recipe are enhanced and the yeast contributes to the overall pleasant flavor profile.

Phosphate-free emulsified sausage “Lyoner style”

Our selected yeast-based ingredients, such as Lalvita™ 2190 and Toravita® 033 can play a role in the substitution of phosphates in meat products. Check as an example the recipe of this emulsified sausage, “Lyoner style”. It also tastes better!