Savory Ingredients

Yeast extracts and inactive yeast are ingredients that can help impart beneficial characteristics to your cheese and dairy applications.

Add them in your preparation to:

  • Impart umami, aged cheese or buttery notes.
  • Increase dairy notes perception.
  • Provide longer-lasting flavor perception, while helping with sodium reduction.
  • Enhance creaminess and fattiness mouthfeel.
  • Enrich the nutritional profile of your preparation with a natural source of protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Ask us to guide you to the most suitable yeast ingredient to use in your cheese and dairy applications. You can contact us using the form or sending an email to


Toravita® 054

An autolyzed yeast from primary grown Torula, naturally rich in nucleotides, glutamic acid and other savory relevant components, it is a perfect ingredient to round-up flavors

Cheddar Cheese Sauce

Yeast extracts and autolyzed yeast, like natural flavors, can help to develop complex and mouth-watering taste. Check this cheese-based recipe with tasty and balanced notes!