Savory Ingredients

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A selected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and roller drum dried. Engevita® products are characterized by a mild to nutty or toasted savory flavor profile with enhancement properties. Engevita® helps to improve savory profile and texture, providing at the same time nutritional value. Also available as organic range, we name it Bio-Engevita®

A selected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and roller drum dried. Engevita® products are characterized by a mild to nutty or toasted savory flavor profile with enhancement properties. Engevita® helps to improve savory profile and texture, providing at the same time nutritional value. It is rich in protein, including all essential amino acids, dietary fiber and micronutrients, such as B-complex vitamins.

Did you know Engevita® is one of the oldest nutritional yeast brands?

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Engevita® HiPRO

Engevita® HiPRO is high protein content inactive yeast for savory needs in many food applications. It’s suitable for vegan or vegetarian food applications and an alternative for animal protein.

Non-GMO verified product list

In 2016 we started registering selected products with the Non-GMO Project. The Non-GMO Project is a mission-driven nonprofit organization offering a third-party non-GMO verification program to the standard consumers expect.

The leaflet available for download highlights our best-sellers Non-GMO verified products. We aim to extend, according to the market needs, our range of Non-GMO verified products. Contact us for your specific enquiries, we will be happy to support your business development.

Again we would like to remind you that Non-GMO Project verification is not intended to replace the “GMO Status” and “Strain Certificates” issued by our QA department.  We guarantee GMO-free status for all the products in the Lallemand Bio-Ingredients range (for more information, consult the Certificate of Conformance). The Non-GMO Project Verification complements the certificate by QA in the North American market.


Both meat products and vegetarian foods of organic quality, amongst others, may benefit in taste, texture, or nutritional profile. Bio-Engevita® can help bring out the savory flavor in organic prepared meals, can enhance dairy notes in dairy preparation or analogues.
Lallemand has researched and adapted its yeast production to meet the organic regulations in EU, Canada and USA. The yeast is grown on organically produced and certified agricultural substrates with limited permitted processing aids.

Engevita® GSH

Primary-grown yeast naturally produced to contain a high level of glutathione, a substance known for its powerful antioxidant properties. The yeast has been inactivated by heat, roller dried and ground. The result is a tan colored, fine powder with nutty, roasted flavor notes. Engevita® GSH is also naturally rich in B-complex vitamins and contains high quality protein.

Vegan snack potato croquettes

A perfect combination of two nutritional yeasts, Engevita® Toasted Flakes and Lake States® Type B that donates tasteful end product and grant crispy breadcrumbs to snack coating.

Fat-Reduced egg-less mayonnaise

Engevita® Bland powder or alternatively Toravita®  001 can be successfully used in substitution of eggs to produce an egg-free (vegan) and fat-reduced mayonnaise style sauce. The appearance, the texture and the flavor of mayonnaise are optimized thanks to the nutritional yeast ingredient.

Crispy Coated Fried Chicken

Did you know that Engevita® Toasted Flakes can increase the crispiness of your breadcrumb? Try it on your favorite fried chicken!


Enhance dairy and creamy perceptions with Engevita® Nutritional yeast!

Creton – Rillettes

Add mouthfeel and spicy perceptions in your meat preparations with Engevita® Bland flakes!

Almond based cheese alternative

Engevita® Bland Flakes and Whole-Lyfe® 985 A  will contribute to the overall dairy and cheesy profile of this vegan alternative to dairy products.

Organic Mac’n’veg-cheese

In this organic recipe Bio-Engevita® provides readily, dependable, natural fiber source and high quality protein, easily assimilated. Furthermore it will provide a delicate nutty and cheesy note to the sauce, while enhancing the mouthfeel releasing creaminess and flavor richness.

Bio-Engevita® Nutritional yeast is available in powder or in flake form. Bio-Engevita® is organic certified and produced in accordance with EU regulation for manufacturing organic yeast (equivalent to USDA NOP as of June 2012)

“Non dairy” rich ice cream

Engevita® Bland contributes to adding richness to the texture and taste of this vegan ice cream by providing perception of dairy notes, balancing its sweet profile. The inactive yeast also brings appeal by adding a little tint to the ice cream.

Mouth-watering baked beans

In this application, the yeast-based ingredients contribute to taste, color, and nutritional value.

Savor-Lyfe® SSC yeast extract replaces the Soy sauce, thus reducing sodium content and eliminating allergens. The Engevita® Toasted inactive yeast increase the sauce viscosity, binding the beans. The taste of maple syrup, less perceptible in this version, is compensated by umami and meaty taste, thanks to the vitamin B present in Engevita® Vege-Regime.