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Savor-Lyfe P series officially launched

Dec 3, 2021

We introduce the Savor-Lyfe® P series, meat-type flavors with a unique cooking-style touch, for your successful innovation.

Savor-Lyfe® PH 04: Ham style, cooked meat

Savor-Lyfe® PR 06: Roasted meat, pork-like

Savor-Lyfe® PS 05: Smoked meat, bacon-like


Plant-based lovers are craving variety, their diet shall include more than beef-like burgers!

With Savor-Lyfe® P series flavors Lallemand Bio-Ingredients offers to conscious consumers the authentic meat experience while keeping the promise of a more sustainable meal.

Our new flavors are not only suitable for plant-based food, as they can provide an easy-to-apply solution to innovate and boost the flavor profile of meat products, ready meals, snacks, and others.

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