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Exter and Lallemand are pleased to announce the launch of a strategic North American focused joint venture.

Jul 10, 2024

Exter and Lallemand are pleased to announce the launch of a strategic North American focused joint venture. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of delivering unparalleled taste experiences through the development of culinary flavor technologies.


About the Joint Venture:


Trading as Exter North America Inc., this joint venture unites the expertise and resources of Exter and Lallemand to create a dynamic synergy that will bring value to the North American food industry. Leveraging each other’s strengths, the collaboration aims to introduce innovative reaction flavors that will redefine consumer expectations and raise the standards for sensory delight.

John Bruggink, General Director of Exter: “The Exter North America joint venture aligns seamlessly with Exter’s long-term strategy, emphasizing regionalization and the expansion of our geographical footprint. Together, we are poised to create unparalleled tastes, bringing us closer to customers and realizing our vision for a flavorful future.”


Lars Asferg, President of Lallemand Bio-Ingredients: “Lallemand is focused on developing innovative solutions using our leading yeast technology platform. Our well-established presence in North America will enable our joint venture to craft solutions specifically tailored for the targeted markets, thereby meeting both industry and consumer expectations.”



Exter, a privately owned company with nearly a century of expertise, is dedicated to creating traditional oven-cooked savory flavors and ingredients. Our product range primarily focuses on plant-based meaty tastes. We employ time-honored methods which include reduction, cooking, oven drying, and baking, providing consumers with a familiar yet distinctive process. Exter’s success is based on a customer-centric approach to the market, marked by a regional presence across all continents, facilitated by an extensive distribution network. We attribute our achievements to consumer-friendly technology and the agility to innovate rapidly, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of culinary exploration.


Lallemand Inc.

Lallemand Inc. is a family-owned business headquartered in Canada, whose focus is on the development, production and marketing of yeast, bacteria, fungi and enzyme solutions. These solutions span various industries including baking, food ingredients, human and animal nutrition and health, crop protection/nutrition, oenology, brewing, distilling, and biofuel. Lallemand has over 5,000 employees, a presence in over 50 countries and operates more than 48 production facilities. The President & CEO is Antoine Chagnon.